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RR1234 | 6 tracks,6 different styles, but we never figured out those 24 Lovely Nurses?!

Technofreak | October 8, 2012

After his two successful EP’s under his alias Spetterphat, Rob decided to continue under his own name: Rob Hes. His sound can be described as raw, energetic but very musical at the same time. He is one of those artists where you immediatly recognise his work as being his. With a background of all kinds of electronic music styles, he can adapt to every crowd without losing his own unique sound. 2013 will be a big step. Already signed on labels like Bedrock, Toolroom and Basmati.

Rob send us these two tracks Bottomless and 24 Lovely Nurses, which we liked immediately. With the help of a few promising remixers, this is again a quality release here on Repressure.Where both original tracks are a combination of techno and progressive, the remixes go from deep house to hard techno. A versatile EP, with treats for everyone.

First remix of Bottomless is from Thomas Vink. With past releases on Spinnin and Armada, which were more trance oriented, he discovered his true love in 2010, techno. Result of this wise decision is this deep atmospheric techno remix. Second remix of Bottomless is from Mark Mywords, an upcoming Dutch DJ and producer, who turned the track into a tech house bomb. With several releases on BWG Recordings, STRØM and Elevation Recordings Mark Mywords is a name to remember in the scene being already supported by names like Paul Hazendonk, SIS, Nick Holder and Paco Osuna.

For 24 Lovely Nurses we have Gal Tsadok-Hai and 100 Kilo Maarten who both remixed the track totally different. Gal’s remix has a more deep and dark rhythmic techno approach and 100 kilo Maarten gives the track some more hard techno flavour.

6 tracks,6 different styles, but we never figured out those 24 Lovely Nurses…


“Soulminded from the heart of techno … Repressure Recordings”

Written by Technofreak


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