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RR1233 | Enjoy the deepness of Bas Thomas

Technofreak | September 25, 2012

The second release on Repressure from Dutch techno talent Bas Thomas is Deep. With the help of Drumcomplex and Spark Taberner, who did a brilliant job with remixing the track, this release is a must add to any techno set.

Bas Thomas started to get interested in music way back in 1991. His DJ career got lifted, when he worked for one of the biggest party promoters in Holland called Extrema. He soon got residencies in clubs and released his first record in 1994. After this it became a bit quite around Bas, but in 2006 he returned to the scene and last year released his first single here on Repressure.

Spark Taberner is a much seen DJ with an impressive gig list. His productions get noticed by the top DJ’s and his remix and release list is growing by the day. His remix of Deep is dark and energetic, just the way we like it.

Drumcomplex has two members, who also happen to be two brothers, Arnd and Daniel Reichow. They have been around the scene for a long time, which is noticeable from the top quality music they produce. The remix they did for Bas Thomas is there for what we expected: beautiful…Enjoy the deepness of Deep…


“Soulminded from the heart of techno … Repressure Recordings”

Written by Technofreak


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