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RR1231 | Give it up for not ten, but just this Angel and Alert The Fleet she’s coming!

Technofreak | September 4, 2012

We are proud to present Gabriela Penn here on Repressure. Sadly enough there are still just not enough women who produce and DJ. Not only is it much nicer to watch behind the decks, but women have a great way to surprise us with their look on dance music. Gabriela is such a gal, who has the skills to rise to the top. Born in Germany and living in the Netherlands now, this beauty is something to look out for.

For Repressure she sent us two tracks, which we signed immediately. With the help of rising star Rob Hes, German techno star Mike Maass and Touche legend Jamez, this release is a proper wannahave. With her strong eye for detail, her nice warm deep melodies and deep funky grooves, techno will never be the same…

The remix of Mike Maaβ takes “Ten Angels On a Pin” to a more darker level. His first productions were under his alter ego Tribe Muzika, but last year he decided to produce under his real name Mike Maaβ. With releases on Trapez, Akoom, Italo Business and of course Repressure, big things are bound to happen for this new techno kid.

After two successful EP’s under his alias Spetterphat on Repressure, Rob decided to continue under his own name: Rob Hes. His sound can be described as raw, energetic but very musical at the same time. He is one of those artists where you immediatly recognise his work as being his. With a background of all kinds of electronic music styles, he can adapt to every crowd without losing his own unique sound. 2013 will be a big step. Already signed on labels like Bedrock, Toolroom and Basmati.

Jamez probably needs no introduction. Together with Dobre he started Touché records in 1994. With classic releases like 51 Days’s Paper Moon, Tata Box Inhibitor’s Plasmids and Trancesetters releases like The Search, Roaches and the Saga. After his solo album on Mute records, he decided to take a break from the scene, but in 2008 he returned with releases on Repressure Recordings.

Give it up for not ten, but just this Angel and Alert The Fleet she’s coming!


“Soulminded from the heart of techno … Repressure Recordings”

Written by Technofreak


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