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RR1228 | Ritzi Lee’s Reflections EP is an homage to techno heads worldwide.

Technofreak | July 3, 2012

Next release on Repressure is from Ritzi Lee. His Reflections EP holds four up tempo techno tracks, pure from the heart and an homage to techno heads worldwide. Ritzi Lee, real name Steve Liem, has been around the techno scene a long time. Experienced in producing and DJ-ing and being a successful owner of his own Underground Liberation label, he knows what he wants and what the people need to hear.

We were thrilled last year, when we heard Ritzi Lee’s remix of Repressure release RR1109  ‘Induction’ on Dave Clark’s White Noise radio and Ben Sims’ Funk You 005 podcast weeks before it’s release date. We simply asked Ritzi if he was down for an EP on our label which resulted in the Reflections EP. A trip to underground techno, where the listener is thrown back and forth from old school to new ways. If you love techno in its purist form, this EP will definitely be something you want to listen to…

Ritzi Lee discovered techno music from the moment he got influenced by Steve Rachmad’s music. Several tracks from Ritzi appeared in top 10 charts of artists like Dave Clarke and Ben Sims and are played at many impressive festivals around the globe by deejays like Orlando Voorn and Adam Beyer.


Get ready to be reflected by Ritzi Lee…

Written by Technofreak


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