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RR1225 – Enjoy the rebellion sounds of not just anybody, but Anyone…

Technofreak | June 5, 2012

Behind Anyone is a talented producer from Italy. When we heard these two tracks it was like we just went back in time to the mysterious and hypnotising sound of Basic Channel. Techno at his best with hypnotising sounds and beats that just go on and on. This artist wants to keep his identity a secret, but we know that he started making music in 2008 and that his music is a combination of warm melodies and at the same time has a dark sound to it. The perfect combination for Repressure.

These two tracks ‘Revolt’ and ‘Particle one’ will have you confused, dazed and wondered, but then it just hits you right in the face. Enjoy the sounds of not just anybody, but Anyone…


Soulminded, from the heart of techno…..Repressure Recordings

Written by Technofreak


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