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RR1222 | Let’s chase this dream together with ‘Chasing Dreams’

Technofreak | April 10, 2012

Last year we had ´Sex Addiction´, in 2012 Jamez and Jerome bring you ´Chasing Dreams´. A typical Jamez track, where deep house, techno, house and progressive are mixed up into a warm and groovy track with the occasional acid bass and melodic strings. The warm vocal by Jerome finishes the job.

Jamez is well known for his projects and releases on his own Touché records. With his first release in 1993, his discography is impressive. Hundred and more releases, even more remixes and appearances on so many compilation CD’s it’s hard to keep track. His most famous project is of course Trancesetters, which topped the charts many times.

Jerome Kors, musically influenced by funk, soul, pop, rock and hip-hop, started out as a singer in a gospel formation close harmony. As a solo artist, Jerome wrote and recorded songs with some of Holland’s finest producers as Fabian Lenssen, Gilbert Armand and Velibor Weller. Music stimulated Jerome to study media and entertainment management to get to know the business side of it all and worked as a product- and artist manager for several artists.

Tatoine’s remix is a beauty. Deep but nasty, pumping but groovy. It will work well in any techno, deep house or tech house set. Tatoine is well known for these mixes of deep house and techno. Back in the nineties he released several deep techno EP’s on Touché records. His best known track is ´Music´ which was licensed to numerous compilation CD´s and exclusively to famous Fluid Records, which asked 16B among others to remix the track. In 2011 Tatoine returned to the scene. The Detroit sound fascinates, but is not something he copies. He wants to be and stay unique in his sound.

Second remix is from Boshell and Cody. Chris Boshell is besides a talented producer and DJ from Ireland, also label manager at the famous Omnis records. Omnis was awarded with ‘best Irish record label’ in the 2011 Irish Dance Music Awards.
Brian Cody is besides a radio DJ and a reviewer for different magazines, also a DJ behind the decks, a talented producer and label owner of Qaitek Records.
Boshell en Cody´s Hollywould remix has their typical sound. Beautiful pads, sfx, unparalleled synths, groovy percussion and a close eye to detail. Every time you listen, there’s more to discover…

Let’s chase this dream together with ‘Chasing Dreams’….


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