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RR1221 | Reflect your life with Mainer’s Mirror EP

Technofreak | March 27, 2012

It seems that Ukraine seriously starts competing with other countries when we check out the techno Beatport charts nowadays. After Exploit’s “Motorcity EP” we proudly present Ukrainian DJ/Producer Mainer with a great release coming up on Repressure. The Mirror EP contains 2 splendid tracks “Gravity of Heaven” and “The Mirror” with remixes by Touché Records own Tatoine and the legendary duo Mateo & Matos from New York.

Mainer decided from a young age that he wanted to be a music artist. From all the types of music he could choose from, it was electronic music what stole his heart. As a DJ his selection of music is always done thoroughly and elegantly, what results in beautiful sets and happy people on the dance floor. All sets have a European Tech-House, Deep, Progressive and Techno sounding.

Mateo & Matos’ Hard Flash remix of “The Mirror” brings you a solid groove that reflects the quality sound they have learned from their mentor, the one and only Little Louie Vega. John “Roc” Mateo and Eddie “E-Z” Matos are a duo from the big apple and began to perform at a large number of club festivals and old school block parties in the tri-state area of New York.
They’ve since brought their work to deejay appearances in over 30 countries and dozens of original productions and remixes on record labels such as Manuscript Records Ukraine, King Street Records, Defected Records, and Large Records.

Tatoine’s deep desert remix of “The Mirror” is definitely deep and warm like a desert is supposed to be. A trademark of Tatoine which made him very popular when he mixed techno with warm sounds on Touché records, back in the nineties. His best known track is ´Music´ which was licensed to numerous compilation CD´s and exclusively to famous Fluid Records, which asked 16B among others to remix the track. In 2011 Tatoine returned to the scene. The Detroit sound fascinates, but is not something he copies. He wants to be and stay unique in his sound.

So drop this EP on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry, or some other device if you’re an old school kid! Walk to the closest mirror and close your eyes, open them until you hit the play button … Mainer will take you in his journey reflecting your life in search for your true musical identity.


Soulminded from the heart of techno …. Repressure Recordings!

Written by Technofreak


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