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RR1219 | Error EP – Three techno tracks with a dark flavour produced by Positive Merge

Technofreak | January 31, 2012

In 2012 we have some nice treats for you. Starting off with the 19th release, written and produced by Positive Merge. There is nothing wrong with this EP called the `Error EP`

Three techno tracks with a dark flavour. The title track ´Error´ is a mixture between pumping basses and drums, spooky effects and sinister spheres. The track ´Rain´ gives the listener a short look into Positive Merge´s mind. Dark spheres, electro beats mixed with a touch of deepness, ambient plains combined with a loud kick drum, it´s all there. The third track `Symbiosis´ is an out of this world piece of techno. You expect aliens to land in the middle of the dance floor.
The ´Error EP` is not for the weak minded or the easy listener. Be aware of some techno madness.

Positive Merge is a promising artist from the Ukraine. His style can´t be placed in a clear format, but the compositions range from warm synth like melodies to hard techno bass grooves and various ambient sounds. It´s about experiencing the whole electronic music spectrum.


“Soulminded from the heart of techno … Repressure Recordings”

Written by Technofreak


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