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RR1116 | Three techno bangers by Oxville that will shake up the floor

Technofreak | December 20, 2011

Repressure’s 16th release and what a release…Yeah!!! Three techno bangers by Oxville that will shake up the floor. With the splendidly choosen name “The Wizard Of Ox EP” the yellow brick road is a dark and long one. Oxville is the project of Dutch techno duo Bas Thomas and Carlos Rios. Both with a history in the Dutch dance scene and both with a big passion for techno.

Bas Thomas started his career in the early nineties, where he held a few residencies in clubs in the Netherlands. In the mid nineties he took a break from music, but his passion for music draw him back to the dance scene in the mid zeros. Picking up where he left off, he’s determined to do what he does best. Make and play quality techno.

Carlos Rios also started early. First with hiphop and house in the late eighties and early nineties, but the techno blood only started to boil in the late nineties. His productions where released on numerous labels, including Patterns and High Ball and his distinctive dark energy sound became synonym with his name.

Together this duo brings you high quality dark techno and this release will surely cause some magic on any dancefloor….


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Written by Technofreak


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