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RR1115 | Angelo D’Onorio’s 7 Days EP is a beauty tech-house tune with a strong techno flavour.

Technofreak | November 29, 2011

Repressure is proud to present Angelo D’Onorio. This 15th release is again a beauty tech-house tune with a strong techno flavour. Remixes were done by Jamez & Soulboy, Roel Salemink, Tatoine and Oz Romita.

Angelo is one of Amsterdam’s finest. Starting in early nineties with DJíng in famous clubs like the It, Roxy, Mazzo and Paradiso, he gained enough fame to put his mark down on the Dutch scene. His DJ skills are legendary and so are his tracks that were released on several influential labels like Kizmet, 90 Watts and Music Man. His first release on Repressure was ‘Solid Groove’ and the first track on the compilation CD ‘Pressure On Repressure’ that came out not so very long ago. It’s only fair to the listeners, that we release more of this musician, hence these two tracks called ‘7 Days’ and ‘Analogue Wet’.

Jamez and Soulboy need no introduction. They are Repressure’s home grown artists. With many releases and numerous remixes, their unique sound gives a fresh look into techno. Tatoine’s  approach to 7 Days gives the listener a warm and fuzzy feeling, leaving them daydreaming on the dance floor. Oz Romita is becoming one of Holland’s finest DJ and producers. With releases on Great Stuff and Movement to name just a few labels, he’s releasing tracks and remixes on a daily count. His remix for Angelo is exactly what Oz does best…perfect tech house…

Roel Salemink is been active in the dance scene since the early nineties. In these first years his DJ & promoting skills helped him to gain recognition in the Dutch and later on international scene. It was not until 2008, that his productions skills were getting noticed. His first track “Manalive”, released on famous Bush records, became an instant classic, with a 8 week long nr1 position in the Beatport charts. His remix for Angelo should easily beat this with a minimum of a 9 week nr1 position. Big room techno, that will shake up the floors…


Enjoy this again massive release from us all, only on Repressure Recordings…

Written by Technofreak


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