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RR1108 | Speed Optimizer – The incredible uplifting Amsterdam sound of Oz Romita

Technofreak | June 7, 2011

Repressure brings you the incredible uplifting Amsterdam sound of Oz Romita called Speed Optimizer. Speed Optimizer contains 3 remixes done by Istanbul finest Goksel Vancin, Amsterdam house pioneer Angelo D’Onorio and European techno legend Jamez. Each of the remixes are unique in their way but they all are guaranteed floor killers to (Re)pressure your speakers till volume 10 if needed.

The always smiling Amsterdam based dj/producer Oz Romita started producing not even a year ago. Because of his producing skills he already has several releases at well respected international labels like Great Stuff and Bonzai Progressive. Not only is he a great upcoming producer but Oz Romita is also known for his energetic sets. Through out the years Oz Romita has shared the stage with many well known dj’s such as Carl Cox, Desyn Masiello, 16bit Lolita’s among other big names.

As a dj Angelo D’Onorio started at the legendary Amsterdam club iT. Through his residencies at Mazzo & Paradiso Angelo got to play at many parties and festivals in the Netherlands. After releasing his underground hit “To The Floor” Angelo performed all over the world. Throughout the years Angelo has released and remixed floor fillers for well respected labels like 90 Watts, Kismet Recordings, Music Man, Mazzo Music, Carbon, 7 Stars, Bosh, Red menace, MFS, Midnite Sessions and Illa Records among other labels.

Turkish producer Göksel Vançin got interested in electronic music when he got an Akai deck at the age of 8. At the time he was influenced by his big brothers who liked music styles like new wave, new age and techno styles. In 2001 he started producing progressive house tracks and trance style tracks but today his productions sounds more like techno, tech house or mimimal music. Goksel has already more than 30 releases since his first release for Bosphorus Underground Recordings in 2008.

Dutch producer Jamez has had a hand in more good records than most of us have had hot dinners. Apart from the by-no-means trifling matter of co-producing house record — 51 Days’ ‘Paper Moon’ — he’s also been at the birth of the Trancesetters, the splendidly-named Tata Box Inhibitors, P.I.M.P., Loophole, Amfibian, Mindfunk and an ever-expanding list of inventively-spelt production credits. After more than 100 releases on world class labels, numerous remixes and many appearances on compilations, he definitely put his mark down. His mix of techno and tech house takes the listener on a journey through unknown territories, well known heights and deep smooth plains.


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