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RR1106 | Sometimes EP – Deep house with a strong Detroit flavour

Technofreak | April 26, 2011

Tatoine is well known for his productions on Touché records, back in the nineties. Best known track is ´Music´ which was licensed to numerous compilation CD´s and exclusively to famous Fluid Records, which asked 16B among others to remix the track. Now in 2011, Tatoine is back. His productions are warm and deep, with an occasional wink towards techno. The Detroit sound fascinates, but is not something he copies. He wants to be and stay unique in his sound.

For this EP he produced three tracks which are all beauties. Jamez takes the track ´Fall In´ to a more techno sphere. A nice getaway from all the deepness, but Scottish DJ and producer Kevin McKay, makes sure to bring the deep flavour back in his beautiful remix of ´Sometimes´.

Glasgow Underground, started by Kevin McKay is the man who brought the world’s attention to Mylo and co-produced the UK platinum selling album Destroy Rock & Roll, it was a constant output of amazing house music. Kevin McKay also founded the label Heartbeats and released his debut single “Runaway”. The album “Heartbeats” was released in 2010 followed by successful BBC Radio 1 evening plays with singles “Can’t Shake This Feeling”, “Heartbeats”, “Sound Reaction” and “Through The Night”. ”Heartbeats” was also awarded best new Electronic album by iTunes (US) for 2010 and shortlisted by the UK itunes.

Jamez is well known for his projects and releases on his own Touché Records. With his first release in 1993, his discography is impressive. Hundred and more releases, even more remixes and appearances on so many compilation cd’s it’s hard to keep track. His most famous project is of course Trancesetters, which topped the charts many times.


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