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RR1105 | We Want It EP, a crossing between techno and progressive!

Technofreak | April 19, 2011

Our 5th release on Repressure is from Jamez & Soulboy. Two tracks with remixes from Loophole and Carlos Rios. First we have the track ´The Code´. A crossing between techno and progressive. Let´s call it techressive, a new style where Repressure holds the lead. The combination of warmth, techno, melody and groovy beats give opportunities for dj´s in every style to play Repressure releases. This track is no exception. Loophole, who´s single ´Fortress´ did very well on Repressure, gives the track that extra progressive flavour.

Second track is ´We Want it´ and the title says it all. Yes we want it all. The original and the banging remix from Carlos Rios. Also a techressive track, where the original and the Carlos Rios remix work their way to a climax, which will rock your socks off.

Jamez & Soulboy are known for their bold & edgy work and with every release they get support by the biggest names in the industry. Loophole already released several 12” Records on the highly acclaimed Touché Records. Always seeking new combinations with techno, it’s difficult to define Loophole’s style. It’s techno meets progressive meets deep house, meets drum ‘n bass, meets tech house and so on. With this remix of “The Code” the borders are crossed again, but the result is one of beauty.

Carlos Rios is known for his relentless hard techno sets. Born in Chile and moved to The Netherlands at a young age. At the end of the nineties he started visiting techno parties. At that point of his life he got hooked on techno music and there was no turning back since then. Carlos Rios released on record labels like Arms, Audio Assault, Patterns, Underground Liberation, Innervate, Planet Rhythm, Hardsignal, Dynamic Reflection, Naked Lunch. In cooperation he made a series of releases on his joint label “Contradiction

Over the years Carlos Rios became a more serious presence in the scene of (industrial) techno. Playing at big techno events such as Awakenings, Innercity (NL), Dance valley (NL), Pro-Jekt (BE) and Apokalypsa (CZ), to name a few.


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