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RR1104 | Loophole’s Fortress EP is already supported by big names like Dave Seaman, Hertz & Vibes and Paul van Dyk

Technofreak | March 15, 2011

The fourth release on Repressure Recordings is a beauty. Touché Records legend Loophole is back with two new tracks: Fortress and Bend. With remixes from new talent Exploit from Ukraine and Jamez himself, it’s a must have package.Loophole already released several 12” Records on the highly acclaimed Touché Records. Always seeking new combinations with techno, it’s difficult to define Loophole’s style. It’s techno meets progressive meets deep house, meets drum ‘n bass, meets tech house and so on. Where releases like Feet and SupaThang on Touché were pure techno, releases like Situations and Soulsearch were warm deep techno. With this new release on Repressure the borders are again crossed, but the result is one of beauty.

Remixes are done by Jamez and Exploit

Exploit aka Alexey Gordiyenko is an electronic dance music dj & producer creating hypnotic techno rhythms. His tracks and remixes under different aliases are played all over the globe and are supported by world’s biggest dj’s such as Carl Cox, Umek, Eddie Halliwell, Dave Clarke, Marco Bailey, Fergie, Pig & Dan, Joseph Capriati, Markantonio among others.

Alexey started to spin records in clubs back in 2006 being only 19 years old. In the same year he launched his first funky and electro techno duo called Odessa Soundfreaks. Odessa Soundfreaks first vinyl release came out in 2008 and gained support from Carl Cox, Eddie Halliwell, Judge Jules, Dr.Motte, Ben Sims to name just a few.

His first solo cd album called “12” was released on the biggest Russian dance label Radio Record in 2008. It contained 12 tracks, each representing the techno interpretation of each month of the year. Finally, Alexey chooses Exploit alias to expand his techno production in 2010. He manages Mutex Recordings with tracks & remixes from Eric Sneo, Perc, John Karagiannis & PayLipService and himself. As a dj and live performer Alexey has played at numerous events all over Ukraine and abroad. Besides of club venues he played live at such big raves and festivals as KaZantip (RU/UA), Technosfera (RU/UA), Symbiosis(RU), To4ka(UA)

Jamez is well known for his projects and releases on his own Touché Records. With his first release in 1993, his discography is impressive. Hundred and more releases, even more remixes and appearances on so many compilation cd’s it’s hard to keep track. His most famous project is of course Trancesetters, which topped the charts many times.


Loophole’s release is already supported by Dave Seaman, Hertz & Vibes, Paul van Dyk, Marcella, Oz Romita, Richard Snow and Daniela Haverbeck.



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