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RR1103 | Sex Addiction – Welcome to Sin City Amsterdam

Technofreak | February 22, 2011

For our third release on Repressure we have Jamez and upcoming talent and singer Jerome. The well thought of title says it all. They both suffer the same condition. Sex Addiction is a tech house bomb, which will explode on the dance floor.

Jerome, a former R&B singer, met Jamez in the late nineties. Back then, they worked on R&B, Hip Hop and soul. While Jerome is still pushing the boundaries in this genre, his love for house music brought him back to Jamez in 2010. They started working on a couple of tracks, held numerous jam sessions and this first release is the result.

Jamez is well known for his projects and releases on his own Touché records. With his first release in 1993, his discography is impressive. Hundred and more releases, even more remixes and appearances on so many compilation CD’s it’s hard to keep track. His most famous project is of course Trancesetters, which topped the charts many times.

Jerome Kors, musically influenced by funk, soul, pop, rock and hip-hop, started out as a singer in a gospel formation close harmony. As a solo artist, Jerome wrote and recorded songs with some of Holland’s finest producers as Fabian Lenssen, Gilbert Armand and Velibor Weller. Music stimulated Jerome to study media and entertainment management to get to know the business side of it all and worked as a product- and artist manager for several artists. Jerome started his own business; K.O. Entertainment, wherefore he creates international cross media concepts.

For this release Jamez remixed the track to give it a more techno feel. Pounding beats and snares make sure that the addiction stays in your blood vains.


Official Video Commercial

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Written by Technofreak