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RR1002 | Fierce EP brings the far east closer mixing it up from Japan, Germany, Canada into a Detroit twist …

Technofreak | November 12, 2010

The second release of Repressure recordings will be two tracks of Jamez & Soulboy called “Fierce” (Techno) and “Julunggul” (Progressive). On last mentioned track we have the beautiful Persian voice of Sepideh Vahidi, who made ‘Julunggul’ come alive.

Remixes are done by:

Orlando Voorn, one of the first Dutch musicians to establish a vital connection between Detroit and Amsterdam. His remix version of “Julunggul” takes you to his world where he has never limited himself to one particular style of producing. You could easily say that he is incredibly versatile in switching between many styles that demonstrates him as a well known producer.

Orlando Voorn just re-released two of his biggest singles “Tone Exploitation” and “Phuture” under his alter ego The Nighttripper with brand new remixes of well known artists like Kevin Saunderson, Ken Ishii, Luke Slater, Robert Hood, Ben Sims and DJ T-1000.

Osaka born Ryuji Takeuchi got infected by the electronic music virus in the early 1990s. After moving to the United States he started to spin a mix of Techno, Electro and House. Back again in Japan he was establishing his studio skills to transform the ideas in his mind to wicked productions. Soon he founded his own imprint “Local Sound Network.”

After releasing on labels such as Audio Assault, TST, Nu Breed, Hardsignal and Mastertraxx, he comes up on Repressure Recordings with a raw energetic Techno remix of “Fierce”. His remix will make your ears blown away if you are a techno fan reminiscing about the strong technosound of the late 90’s fused with rave elements.

Loophole of the legendary Touché records, did a tremendous job of “Julunggul” where he combined techno with progressive elements to bring you in right mood before you go to a party. Loophole was one of the big selling projects on Touché records. New releases on Repressure Recordings are being scheduled for 2011.

One of Canada’s finest Patrick DSP who nowadays live in Germany brings his version of “Fierce” alive with his extensive background and knowledge of music. In his 10 years of production, Patrick has collaborated and conspired with some of the most talented names in Techno. Gaining an impressive repertoire of international releases. Patrick DSP has played across Europe, South America and North America, spreading his twisted techno sound from intimate local clubs to festivals such as the Love Parade in Germany, MayDay and Awakenings


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