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RR1001 | Fridge EP is already supported by Dave Seaman, Secret Cinema & Nick Warren

Technofreak | October 12, 2010


A&G Agency is proud to announce that the first release of their new label Repressure Recordings is already supported by big names like Dave Seaman, Nick Warren and Secret Cinema. The first release is an EP that contains 2 techno tracks of Jamez & Soulboy called Fridge & Microwave.

Jamez &Soulboy just started producing together about a year ago. But their work starts getting noticed around the globe. Jamez is still well known for his early work released by his legendary award winning dance label Touché Records. Because of the huge success of his label, tracks appeared on big compilation cd’s such as Global Underground 13, Sasha Ibiza, Renaissance and on some compilation cd’s made by Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox & Armin van Buuren. Also he had a huge hit as one of The Trancesetters on the label Hooj Choons called Roaches.

In the summer of 2009 Christian Smith (Smith & Selway) did a remix for The Search which is also an old Trancesetters record. The track had big support from Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela, John Digweed and Adam Beyer. Also their track called Surface Tension, was in 2009 Kevin Saunderson’s summers favourite and was frequently heard on Ibiza Global Radio.

The remixes of Fridge & Microwave are done by Angel Alanis earning international acclaim, due to his releases on labels such as Tresor, International House Records, Impact Mechanics and Tronic. Recently, Angel Alanis joined the Afro Acid team of DJ Pierre and he is in the process of establishing two new labels who already have earned props from DJ’s such as Dave Clarke, Ken Ishii & DJ Rush. Loophole from the legendary Touché Records brings a progressive techno flavour to his mix of Fridge. Loophole was one of the big selling projects on Touché records, where he combined techno with progressive and deep house with tech house.

Swedish Damien Eie and Santiago Naura are promising upcoming talents. They did a beautiful old school techno remix of Fridge and we’ll make sure these guys will get more exposure. Subspace and The Galactic Nomad Orchestra are a new techno ensemble from France. Subspace released several singles, but it all went up the hill after their release on Jeff Mills Axis Records label.


The Fridge EP is already supported by:

Dave Seaman – “Original of Fridge is great, Loophole mix sounds cool too. Also original mix of Microwave sounds big!”
Secret Cinema – “Banging stuff, unexpected! I like fridge original and microwave, the galactic nomad remix.”
Nick Warren – “Cracking EP”
Alex Flatner – “Like the Angel Alanis Remix!”
DJ Dimitri – The Fridge (Loophole mix) is my favourite. The original is also good!”
DJ Remy – “Fridge is cool”
Melvin Reese – “All tracks are dope!!”
Marcella Suring – “I like fridge, the loophole remix”

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