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Ritzi Lee – Reflections EP (The Remixes)

admin | November 28, 2014

Repressure proudly presents the official remixes of Ritzi Lee’s Reflections EP. Dave Clarke’s favorite DJ Surgeles and KMS Records artist Nathan Surreal delivered 2 masterpieces and we were excited and thrilled when we listened to both tunes for the 1st time.

This is what Ritzi Lee had to say about both remixes:

“I’ve just received and listened the Nathan Surreal remix of my “Juno in Arpeggio” track. While the original mix was a pure oldschool techno sounding interpretation, with this remix I’m very happy to hear a re-interpretation sounding deeper, with nice grooves and keeping the melody lines of the original synths intact. Thanks for these vibes!”

“The remix from DJ Surgeles is from my track “Motion in the deepness” I like, even though you will not notice any of the original sounds in it. But remixing techno music is more then just trying to use the original sounds. Motion in the deepness is about how deep spacetime can be, and how motions of frequencies will evolve in this space. Surgeles made a very artistic re-interpretation of this concept… Listen this a couple of times and you will hopefully understand my point. Something for the mind.”

Stay tuned for official releasedates!

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