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The Bass is Pumping

The Bass is Pumping

Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2018-03-22

Catalog number: RR1859

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The Bass is Pumping (Original Mix)
Ozan Kanik
The Bass is Pumping (CLN83 Remix)
Ozan Kanik, CLN83
The Bass is Pumping (Michael Cabezas Remix)
Ozan Kanik, Michael Cabezas
The Bass is Pumping (W&dy Remix)
Ozan Kanik, W&ndy
The Bass is Pumping (Coding Sequence Remix)
Ozan Kanik, Coding Sequence

Repressure Recordings proudly presents a massive release by SOUNDS ‘R’ US RECORDINGS labelboss Ozan Kanik (Monique Music/Bush Records) … ‘THE BASS IS PUMPING’ is a certified #floorfiller that slaps you hard in the face with its intense techno sounds with a massive build-up, hoover leads, Oldschool vocals and steely rhythms hammering the message ‘LESS DRAMA MORE TECHNO’

Incredible remixes are done by ‘CLN83’ aka ‘Carita La Niña’ (Armada/CR2 Records/Oxygen Recordings), Michael Cabezas (Oscuro), Coding Sequence (Repressure) and W&DY (Movement Recordings/Gastspiel/Sounds ‘R’ Us)…

Overall this is a mixture of great techno sounds. Each remix features different touches and styles.