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Speed Optimizer

Speed Optimizer

Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2011-06-07

Catalog number: RR1108

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Speed Optimizer (Original Mix)
Oz Romita
Speed Optimizer (Angelo D'Onorio's Shake The Funk Mix)
Angelo D'onorio, Oz Romita
Speed Optimizer (Goksel Vancin Remix)
Goksel Vancin, Oz Romita
Speed Optimizer (Jamez Remix)
Jamez, Oz Romita

Repressure brings you the incredible uplifting Amsterdam sound of Oz Romita called Speed Optimizer. Speed Optimizer contains 3 remixes done by Istanbul finest Goksel Vancin, Amsterdam house pioneer Angelo d’Onorio and European techno legend Jamez. Each of the remixes are unique in their way but they all are guaranteed floorkillers to (Re)pressure your speakers till volume 10 if needed.The always smiling Amsterdam based DJ/producer Oz Romita started producing not even a year ago. Because of his p