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Smoking Habits

Smoking Habits

Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2018-04-20

Catalog number: RR1864

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Smoking Habits (Original Mix)
Desiray Saija
Smoking Habits (POLS Remix)
POLS, Desiray Saija
Smoking Habits (Asem Shama Remix)
Asem Shama, Desiray Saija
Smoking Habits (Coding Sequence Remix)
Coding Sequence, Desiray Saija
Smoking Habits (Teqnov Remix)
Teqnov, Desiray Saija
Smoking Habits (Audiolog Remix)
Audiolog, Desiray Saija
Smoking Habits (Rovara Remix)
Rovara, Desiray Saija

Desiray rocked her audience in various big Clubs and Festivals in Holland like Beach boom, Club Las Palmas, Panama, Paradiso, to name a few.

After a short break, she was invited to make a comeback by a good friend Lucien Foort, well known worldwide by his hit ‘Quadrophonia’, to perform on his ‘Heroes Of House’ music stage at the Annual Festival of Outdoor Stereo.

Later on, she became the resident DJ of Repressure’s monthly 2-hour podcast “REPRESSURECTION” on’s techno channel, one of the world’s biggest online radio-stations focusing exclusively on Electronic Music. Repressure Recordings gave her the chance to release techno music on their label, several releases and remixes are on the way hitting the clubs and festivals imminently.

Are you ready for her debut release ‘SMOKING HABITS’ with International remixes by Venice finest POLS (ITA) (Frequenza, Repressure), Berlin’s hottest Asem Shama (Bush Records, Frisbee Tracks, Spiel-Zeug & Berghain) Audiolog from Copenhagen (DK) and Dutch techno artists Teqnov (Coincidence, Repressure, SIPREC), Coding Sequence (Repressure) and Rovara (Gastspiel Records, Klinik Room).