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Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2015-06-12

Catalog number: RR1553

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Rebirth (Original Mix)
Rebirth (Judah Darenville Remix)
Judah Darenville, hANZLE
Rebirth (Kspr.Spkr Remix)
hANZLE, Kspr.Spkr

From the moment we received hANZLE’s demo at Dancefair this year we felt in love with his music and kept on pushing. We’re proud to present you hANZLE’s debut on Repressure Publishing & Recordings with remixes by Holland’s best kept secret Judah Darenville and KSPR.SPKR

Over the years hANZLE’s style took a more deeper and darker turn, influenced by German and Italian artists he created a way by combining atmospheric sounds and ambiences with percussion and electronica elements, all driven by heavy drum machinery.

At the end of 2014 he took the decision to start producing his own sounds and creating tracks which he believes Techno stands for…. Are you ready for hANZLE?