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Last Stand

Last Stand

Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2013-10-06

Catalog number: RR1342

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Last Stand (Original Mix)
Dude Named George
Last Stand (Sean McCaff Remix)
Dude Named George, Sean McCaff
Last Stand (Not Human Remix)
Dude Named George, Not Human
Last Stand (Gate 44 Remix)
Dude Named George, Gate 44

Repressure Recordings proudly presents “Dude Named George”, a new name in the techno scene with the energetic and powerful tune called “Last stand”. Born in the dark and twisted corners in the mind of a guy known as Georgio, George evolved in to a individual person on it’s own. After being raised in a parallel universe called ”ONHCET’, George found a way to break this barrier and enter the world you know as earth.

As he is trained in the phenomenal arts of ”CIGOL”, a magical system that produces filthy raw kicks, insane deep basslines and a hell of a drive , George is on a mission to take over this universe with his raw and bangin’ sound!. As a creation of the God king ”OIGROEG”, failure is not an option. Remixes are done by Sean Mccaff, Not Human and whizkids Gate 44 also known as the The Konings Brothers.