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Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2014-12-23

Catalog number: RR1550

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Judah Darrenville’s debut “Issue” on Repressure Recordings is an energetic trip through techno landscapes. With the help of Georgio Star and Sir Blackman, who did a brilliant job with remixing the track, this release is a must add to any techno set.

Don’t expect climax breaks, dub-step influences or big room sounds and especially no crazy uptempo vocals or funny bits and bleeps, just pure techno with a dark flavour!

Judah is known for his deep and groovy sets; the atmosphere is reaching zenith in every place he’s turning up the beats. You’ll feel like you’re on a festival on a sunny day with some ice-cold drinks. He played in several well known clubs in the Netherlands and also had the honor to play on a few festivals last summer.

His residency at various clubs in Arnhem, Utrecht & Amsterdam, gave him the chance to grow in the world of DJ’s and producers. Keep an eye on this young talent, and make sure you visit him while playing in clubs or on festivals to be a part of the vibe he creates!

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