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Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2011-06-28

Catalog number: RR1109

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Induction (Original Mix)
Jamez, Soulboy
Induction (A.Paul & Efector Remix)
Jamez, Soulboy, A.Paul, Efector
Induction (Ritzi Lee Remix)
Jamez, Ritzi Lee, Soulboy
Induction (Samuel L Session Remix)
Samuel L Session, Jamez, Soulboy

With the 9th release on Repressure, Jamez & Soulboy take it to another level with “Induction”. Like in physics the word means, “creating an electric circuit with an electromotive force”. And that’s what this track is all about when you hear it. The beat elements combined with the extra noises are an eargasm of elements, which you have never heard before. The producers duo Jamez & Soulboy began producing together just over 2 years ago. But their work starts to be noticed around the globe. Jamez i