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Drum Spirit

Drum Spirit

Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2012-06-26

Catalog number: RR1227

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Drum Spirit (Original Mix)
Drum Spirit (Loophole Remix)
Jamez, Loophole
Drum Spirit (Boshell & Cody Remix)
Jamez, Brian Cody, Chris Boshell

Jamez goes tribal with his new track Drum Spirit. African hymns, tribal beats, dark spheres and techno based sounds. Its all in there. With the help of remixers Loophole and Cody & Boshell it’s again a masterpiece release here on Repressure.Jamez needs no introduction, seen as he’s behind the famous Touche records from the nineties and projects like Trancesetters and 51 Days. Ask any old school DJ and Jamez’s work is in some record bag. With over a hundred releases counting 400 and plus tracks,