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Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2013-03-22

Catalog number: RR1337

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Disagree (Original Mix)
Rolando Vallice
Disagree (Jamez Agrees Remix)
Jamez, Rolando Vallice
Disagree (Bas Thomas Remix)
Bas Thomas, Rolando Vallice
Disagree (Daniel Mehes Remix)
Daniel Mehes, Rolando Vallice

Rolando Vallice already made his debut on Repressure earlier when he did a remix for Spetterphat’s (Rob Hes) ‘Small Flashback’ EP. His big room techno sound will definitely create a buzz among all technoheads. Rolando is already being heavily supported by big names in the industry by Umek, Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa and Eelke Kleijn.

Remixes are done by Jamez, Bas Thomas and Daniel Mehes. With over 19 years experience in the scene, Jamez know how to move the crowds. His remix of ‘Disagree’ is a bonafide floorfiller.

Bas Thomas’ DJ career got lifted with parties in Holland called Extrema. He soon got residencies in clubs and released his first record in 1994. After this it became a bit quite around Bas, but he made his comeback on Repressure with “Second 2 None”.

After years of experimenting Daniel Mehes now feels he has finally found his own unique sound and style within the music and he now aspires to draw inspiration from all genres of electronic music and produce very special sounding hypnotising music which can only be catogorised as Daniel Mehes’ own unique style of Techno.

Rolando Vallice’s “Disagree” is a wannahave release and absolutely earcandy for your speakers.