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Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

Label: Repressure Recordings

Release date: 2012-04-10

Catalog number: RR1222

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Chasing Dreams feat. Jerome (Original Mix)
Jerome, Jamez
Chasing Dreams feat. Jerome (Tatoine Remix)
Jerome, Jamez, Tatoine
Chasing Dreams feat. Jerome (Boshell and Cody HollyWould Mix)
Jerome, Jamez, Brian Cody, Chris Boshell

Last year we had Sex Addiction, in 2012 Jamez and Jerome bring you Chasing Dreams. A typical Jamez track, where deep house, techno, house and progressive are mixed up into a warm and groovy track with the occasional acid bass and melodic strings. The warm vocal by Jerome finishes the job. Jamez is well known for his projects and releases on his own Touche records. With his first release in 1993, his discography is impressive. Hundred and more releases, even more remixes and appearances on so man