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Spark Taberner

Spark Taberner



From the biggest Festivals to the most darkest undergroundclubs and locations, Spark Taberner aka Juan from Hoekvan Holland – Rotterdam / Holland is most known for histechnical precision and his communicative DJ style, thismakes him a true gentleman behind the decks, an artistwhose sets are passionate and powerful.

With 15 years of experience as a dj, producer, eventorganiser and labelmanager, he has played at some of thebest clubs and events worldwide, like for example Tresor,Awakenings, Fabrik and Transformatorhuis. He is also theresident of the well-known ContraVersion events inAmsterdam where he is famous for his closing sets.

His constant enthousiasme and passion has beenrewarded with releases on many successful labels likeNachtstrom Schallplatten, Hidden and Planet Rhythm. Hisinfamous remix of Mike Humphries’ ‘Tactical Recon’ waschosen by internationally acclaimed DJ Dave Clarke as oneof the best tracks of 2010. Recently he has been nominatedfor best Dutch Techno Producer in 2012 wich showed hisreputation in the Dutch Techno scene.T he fact that he is one of the top names on many labelsresulted in endless support by artists like Dave Clarke,Adam Beyer, Gary Beck, Alan Fitzpatrick, Slam and manymore.