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Ryuji Takeuchi

Ryuji Takeuchi


Ryuji Takeuchi (Ryu-ji Take-uchi) who is originally from Osaka, Japan first came in contact with electronic music in the early 90s. In the late 90s, he moved to the United States, where he started to spin vinyl at parties with his friends. At that time, he played diverse genres like techno, electro and even house music. As soon as he returned to Japan, he obtained turntabels and a mixer, so that he could check out a lot of records that inspired him. In that time, he was interested in various styles of music, including even deep house, jazz and ambient.

Later, Ryuji got himself a sampler and a sequencer and started his career as a producer, which eventually led him to develop his programming and editing skills. That was the time when he unconsciously established his studio talents to transform plenty of his ideas into mind-twisting productions. He founded his own imprint, ‘Local Sound Network’ on which he intends to introduce talented producers, local as well as global. After all his experiences, he is still looking for a way to inspire the world…

That might undoubtedly have been the case when he started collaborationg with Austrian Dark Techno master Virgil Enzinger, after both met up in Japan during the time of the big earthquake in March 2011. The first release they finished together is called ‘No Matter What’ and is available on Virgil Enzinger’s label I.CNTRL.

LK REC, FK REC, MASTERTRAXX, INNERVATE, SWR, ANALOG MODE, ARMS等のレーベルからリリースを続ける傍ら、LARS KLEIN, MIKE HUMPHRIES, ADAM JAY, ALEX CALVER等のアーティストのリミックスにも携わる。FK RECからリリースされた’LOCALIZATION EP’から’ICHIGO ICHIE’と’UNA VIDA MEJOR’の2曲がドイツ最大級のテクノフェスティバルであるMAYDAYの2007年度のオフィシャルCDに収録される。DJとしてはオランダ最大のテクノパーティーAWAKENINGSに出演を果たす。 2010年、自身のレーベルとして LOCAL SOUND NETWORK をスタートさせ、’FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL… IT EXISTS IN ORDER TO INSPIRE THE WORLD… ‘をスローガンに、世界に刺激を与え続ける。