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Paulo Gomes aka EFECTOR was born in Lisbon Portugal in 1980. As a teenager he found electronic music and shortly after he was playing at private parties and in small clubs. In the year 2000 he moved to Holland, at the time the most progressive and influential in techno music. Once he got familiar in the scene he started having some gigs.

Wanting to push things further he started following an electronic music production course at the S.A.E in 2004. In 2005 he went to the studio to perfect his way of directing his creativity into developing his sound with influences from other artists like The Prodigy, The Advent, Jeff Mills, Dave Clark, Joey Beltram, Industrialyzer and a few others.

His progressive powerful techno style matured and in late 2010 his first record, Efector EP, came out on Naked Lunch which reached the top 10. In the beginning of 2011 he released two more records, Follow Me on Naked Lunch and Efector EP on Section 15. Besides these records Efector made a remix for jamez together with A.Paul. Interest was growing and he got more and more invites for podcasts, radio stations, remix and gigs.